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Features on the unlimited uses of rubber bands.
How Our Rubber Bands Are Used In A Tattoo Shop  Featured Image
How Our Rubber Bands Are Used In A Tattoo Shop
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  • Category: Industrial
Are you in the tattoo industry? Our Tattoo Rubber Bands are used to stabilize the needle of a tattoo gun and prevent swaying. The bands allow the needle to move properly, especially when used with flat shading needles where the tube tip is open on top. The rubber bands are changed with every tattoo for consistent strength. These rubber bands...Read More

Alliance STRAC Bands Featured Image
Alliance STRAC Bands
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  • Category: Industrial
Our STRAC (Strike Team Ready Around the Clock) rubber bands are used by all branches of the military, parachutists, police, SWAT, Homeland Security, Border Patrol and more. The Gear Wrapz come in three different sizes and are used to silence and secure loose gear. They’re available in black or desert camo and are both weather and chemical...Read More

A Rubber Band Ball That Weighs How Much?! Featured Image
A Rubber Band Ball That Weighs How Much?!
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  • Category: Alliance Rubber
Will Love has been working for years to break the world record for the largest rubber band ball. We caught up with him to see how the progress is going! How much does the rubber band ball currently weigh? It currently weighs 300 pounds! I love watching it grow. How much time do you spend working on it each day? The chain weighs about...Read More