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Features on the unlimited uses of rubber bands.
A Rubber Band Ball That Weighs How Much?! Featured Image
A Rubber Band Ball That Weighs How Much?!
  • Posted:
  • Category: Alliance Rubber
Will Love has been working for years to break the world record for the largest rubber band ball. We caught up with him to see how the progress is going! How much does the rubber band ball currently weigh? It currently weighs 300 pounds! I love watching it grow. How much time do you spend working on it each day? The chain weighs about...Read More

Let Pallet Bands Help Your Warehousing Business  Featured Image
Let Pallet Bands Help Your Warehousing Business
  • Posted:
  • Category: Industrial
If you’re in the warehousing or factory business, our Pallet Bands are designed with you in mind. No longer waste time applying and reapplying stretch wrap or tape when Pallet Bands can be applied and removed in seconds. Pallet Bands also allow air to flow freely through the entire pallet and, unlike shrink wrap, they will not trap unwanted...Read More

Rubber Band Hacks Featured Image
Rubber Band Hacks
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  • Category: Home Use
Rubber bands are the perfect tools to help you label and mark items that can easily get confused! So often do we forget where we put things, which jar is the one we were looking for or which cord goes where, however rubber bands offer a number of surprising solutions to these daily problems. Drink Marker Having a dinner party or social...Read More