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Features on the unlimited uses of rubber bands.
Oysters stay fresh longer with some help from Alliance! Featured Image
Oysters stay fresh longer with some help from Alliance!
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  • Category: Industrial
We already knew rubber bands can help people out in a number of ways, but who knew they could help out the seafood industry by keeping oysters fresh longer? Frozen Live Shellfish in Florida has been using our bands with their oysters! Through a unique process of chilling and banding, the oysters stay fresh naturally until they are ready to be...Read More

The World’s Largest Rubber Band Ball: Meet Will Featured Image
The World’s Largest Rubber Band Ball: Meet Will
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  • Category: Alliance Rubber
You may have heard, Will Love is on the way to breaking the world record for largest rubber band ball with a little help from Alliance.   Love is from Ruston, Louisiana and works in finance. His fascination with rubber band balls began in while he was in middle school when he read about the word’s largest in the Guinness Book...Read More

4th Annual Tinkerfest Featured Image
4th Annual Tinkerfest
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  • Category: Alliance Rubber
On Saturday June 18, Alliance Rubber had the wonderful opportunity to serve as a sponsor for the 4th Annual Tinkerfest at the Mid America Science Museum here in Hot Springs. This was our second year participating and we had so much fun yet again! Tinkerfest focuses on the importance of tinkering; a learning theory that hands-on learning can be...Read More