Supersize Bands™

Packaging, shipping and storage is made easy with Alliance Rubber SuperSize Bands. These large rubber bands are industrial-strength and excellent for keeping big items secure and bundled. Use these large elastic bands to keep box flaps open while packing or picking. Then use the bands to keep boxes tightly closed. While a drum liner can easily slip out of place, causing a mess inside a garbage bin, these heavy duty rubber bands keep liners securely in place. Store large items like carpets and mats or secure plastic tarps and coverings over large pieces of furniture. Strong and flexible, these big rubber bands can be reused many times. They're an excellent replacement for packaging tape, twine and strapping, which reduces waste and the need for expensive equipment. SuperSize Bands are also made from latex, a rapidly renewable resource.

  • Bundle large and oddly shaped items
  • Easily access boxes in storage secured by bands
  • Eco-friendly alternative to twine and box strapping
  • Keep box flaps open during picking and packing
  • Holding 44 gallon cans (12" & 14") & 55 gallon drum liners (17" only)

Item #08997 - 24 Bands - Includes 8 of each size - Color Coded (Red - 12", Green - 14", Blue - 17") - Resealable Bag

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