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The Road, A Dish, And Rubber Bands

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and all I want to say is…bring on the baking. Whether it is green bean, macaroni and cheese, or sweet potato casserole, nothing completes the holidays like a freshly baked, home-cooked, side dish.  cover_bowl

As you gather ingredients at the grocery store in the days ahead, don’t forget to pick up a few rubber bands. Nothing in the world secures casserole dishes better! This year, when you’re reuniting with the family, transport the food knowing you will not be spilling the beans on your way to Grandmas.

With that said, get reacquainted with your kitchen. Turn up the tunes. Think about all those things to be thankful for and rest easy with your cream of mushroom soup. What you bake is going to be just fine…thanks to your packing and a few sturdy bands. Whether you use wrap, glass lids or plasticware, your food will get there safely.

Tell us how rubber bands make a difference in your holidays. We’d like to thank Mike, the winner of our latest blog post. He receives a prize pack. Thank you for participating in our “Stretch the Limits of Alliance Rubber Bands” contest. Remember to comment below!

Special Note

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