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Paper Plates Meet Rubber Bands

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of all the ways rubber bands help secure the holidays—it was a paper plate project that sparked my imagination this morning. Neat and simple, there it sat. A little white bowl, held together with a single band, filled with candies in red, white, and blue wrapping—ready for distribution. paperplate

Looking for a way to wrap up some Halloween treats or holiday cookies for someone special? Get your creative energies focused, get some of those flimsy white paper plates, a sharpie, a pair of scissors, some rubber bands, and make some.

First things first, cut some cute trim around the edge. Then, grab a sharpie and draw a tic-tac-toe shape in the middle of the plate. The center square will be the bottom of the bowl. Cut every other line in the tic-tac-toe and fold. That’s it. Just put your rubber band on and you’ve got neat, homemade containers that barely cost a dime.

Tell us how rubber bands hold things together in your world. We’d like to thank Cynthia, the winner of our latest blog post. She receives a prize pack and t-shirt.

Thank you for participating in our “Stretch the Limits of Alliance Rubber Bands” contest. Remember to comment below!

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