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Rubber Bands: A Great "Mommy Helper"

Friday, August 10, 2012

When it comes to getting the babies fed, Moms could use a little help. When you need that cup of coffee and the baby needs its bottle, what can you do?


In these instances, Zarel M. from California says she secures a straw to her baby’s bottle with a rubber band. “This frees up one of her hands and helps the baby hold their own bottle!“

Enjoying that fresh cup of coffee, she says, the “straw holding rubber band” is a much-needed “Mommy Helper.” It’s also a great exercise and helps the babies grow strong.

Thank you so much to Zarel for her assistance with this week’s blog post. What a great idea! We’d also like to congratulate David Lintz, this week’s blog winner.

He will receive a prize pack filled with products and a Bandology tshirt.

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