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Make The Most Of Your Memories With Foam Board, Fabric, And Rubber Bands

Friday, July 13, 2012

Do you need a neat place to display your photos?

Constructing a French-Rubber Band Memory Board could be the creative solution you've been seeking. Similar to a bulletin board, this organizational project is covered in fabric and rubber bands for a quick, fun way to hold photos in place.


It’s easy to make one. First, measure a section of foam board to the desired dimensions and trim to specifications. Do the same for the fabric, making sure fabric is about four inches wider and longer than the foam board. Smooth away any creases and center fabric on top of board.

With your fingers, gently wrap the fabric around the memory board and secure it with duct tape. Be sure to pull the fabric tight before taping. Measure the memory board across, from corner to corner. Then, grab a handful of rubber bands to secure across the space.

Your French-Rubber Band Memory Board is now ready to display your favorite shots.


If you don’t have any foam board or fabric, you can make a snappy organizer with materials around the house. Simply hammer two parallel rows of nails in the side of a cabinet or the back of a door. Then, stretch rubber bands between them to hold mail and other novelties.

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