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How to Create a Homemade Greenhouse

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We enjoy learning how our fans use rubber bands and are often impressed with the creativity and practicality of their uses. We recently discovered how to use our EPDM bands to create a greenhouse. This gardening rubber band hack helps:

1.  Transform any container into a miniature greenhouse.

2.  Sprout seedlings much faster.

3.  Retain the moisture in the growing environment.

This can be very helpful in regions such as New Mexico where it is especially dry.

What you’ll need:

1.     Ten 7" x 1/8" black or green EPDM bands

2.     A roll of saran wrap

Secure a piece of saran wrap to the top of the desired growing container with a rubber band. EPDM bands are strong enough to get this job done without breaking.

Using this tactic, plants do not even have to grow in traditional pots. As you can see here, Swiss chard is being grown out of a round juice bottle that has been cut in half.

We are loving these tips and hope you will try using EPDM Bands to make your own greenhouse at home.

What are some other ways you have used rubber bands?

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