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A Rubber Band Offers a Fitting Solution

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Knitting is a common craft people of all ages enjoy. Whether it’s a nice scarf or a pair of gloves, it’s fascinating to see the creations others knit together.

Knitting clothing or accessories that fit well can be quite a challenge. It’s acceptable if the gloves you knit for yourself fit a bit snugly, but not if they are meant for someone else.

Make creating a well-fitting garment or accessory as easy as possible, from the moment you take out your supplies.

When you store your measuring tape, wrap a rubber band around it before you put it away. This way your tape will save space and remain tightly in tact. 

As your knitting skills increase, you may find that this little trick helps set the tone and gets you started on the right note. 

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