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“It’s a Bird!” “It’s a Plane!” “No, It’s Super Parent!”

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Oh to be a kid again. If you’re a parent of a child old enough to walk, he or she has likely run around as Batman, Wonder Woman or another superhero.

It’s fascinating to observe children using their imaginations. How present they are in the moment during playtime is a trait to be admired.

We recently read an article citing how a rubber band can add to a child’s fun. 

Want to make superhero masks of your own? You can be as creative as you and your child wish, but all you really need is paper, scissors, a rubber band and tape.

Cut out holes for the eyes. Next, cut a rubber band and tape it on each end of your mask. 

The rubber band will keep the mask on your face. This will conceal you and your child’s identity while you fight crime as Superman, Batwoman or whomever you choose.

We hope this article helps you in your quest to become Super Parent! 

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