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E-Z Baby Saver Serves as a Life-Saving Reminder

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Heartbreaking stories of absent-minded parents or caretakers accidentally leaving their children in the car make headlines way too often every summer. Until recently, nothing had been around to serve as an eye-catching reminder for the driver when a child is in the back seat.

In July 2013, 11-year-old Andrew Pelham from Nashville, Tenn., invented a simple device made of duct tape and rubber bands called the E-Z Baby Saver.

How the E-Z Baby Saver works is simple. Wrap one end around the car door handle, and the other behind the driver’s seat. When the driver opens the door, the E-Z Baby Saver stretches and prevents the driver from getting out of the car. 

This obstacle serves as a powerful reminder that a child is in the backseat. To learn more about the E-Z Baby Saver, visit their website

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