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Storage Container Can Become Your Blank Canvas

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Packing is no fun. Unpacking is even less fun and can be confusing. It can be tough to decipher which boxes go where and what each box contains. You can write “Kitchen” or “Bathroom,” but the exact contents can remain a mystery.

Thanks to the Bella Storage Solution, this can be avoided altogether.

Introducing the BELLABoard Dry-Erase Locking Lid Collection. 

It’s the first completely writable, solid pure white, storage container with Bella’s vibrantly colored, signature ergonomic locking handle system and perfectly smooth sides!

Translation: You can write all over the case and erase it off to categorize the box’s next batch of contents. No more having to scratch off words or buy new containers.

If you need to stack the empty containers, go ahead and wrap them up with a Corner to Corner Band as pictured above.

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