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Help the Hot Springs Animal Shelter

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

If you are in the Hot Springs area and have some extra food, please help us help the animals.

The Hot Springs Animal Shelter needs our help. A pending court case has resulted in an excess of animals and not enough food. 

Dan Bugg, the director of the Hot Springs Animal Shelter, says that any of the following would be greatly appreciated.

  • Pet Toys: Please get the hard, plastic toys. Soft ones will clog the drains.
  • Dog Food: Please check the dog food bags carefully. If the first or second ingredient is “corn filler,” please do not buy that kind. They say that is like buying a bag of cornflakes and is harmful for pets.
  • Cat Food: Any brand.
  • Cat Litter: Any brand.
  • Equine Senior Horse Feed (Available at Tractor Supply Co.)
  • Bales of Hay

Please bring to our headquarters at 210 Carpenter Dam Rd, Hot Springs, AR 71901.

We will have a box in the break room tomorrow. Please donate your toys, food and cat litter there. The director of the Humane Society will also have a truck with which he will pick up hay for horses from anyone who has it available.

Thank you to anyone who can help, and we hope you have a happy Thanksgiving! 

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