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Reel ‘Em in with Rubber Bands

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Being located in Hot Springs, Ark., we are accustomed to seeing many residents enjoying various outdoor activities, particularly when water is involved.

Although the groundhog forecast six more weeks of winter, we know it will be fishing season before we know it.

There are many factors that can make the difference between a full day’s catch and going home empty-handed. One such factor is the bait.

We recently came across a version Flying Fish Ohio calls the Deep Irony, which features a rubber band. Here are some of the steps involved in recreating it.

First, cut the rubber band in half, then trim one end diagonally. Then, tie the band into the shank of the hook. 

Next, catch the band under the thread, pull it tight, and continue to wrap thread all the way down the bend of the hook. 

After making it down one end of the hook with the thread, wrap the rubber band up the hook the other direction. 

There are a couple more steps required for your creation to look like the hook pictured below. 

To find out how to complete the process, visit Fly Fish Ohio’s website

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