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Catch More Catfish

Thursday, April 02, 2015

We’ve recently shared several fishing tips on our blog, including how to create bait and about our Offshore Angler Bands

Here is another idea from the Sioux City Journal on how fishermen can capitalize on this time of year.

You may be aware that late spring yields a limited window of time when fish increase their normal amount of activity and aggression. Why? Fish are cold-blooded. As the weather gets warmer, so does the water. Warmer water means more activity, and more activity requires more food.

The strategic use of a rubber band provides a clever way you can capitalize on this opportunity, particularly if you are after catfish.

Image via KATV

The Sioux City Journal explains:

If you're after catfish, try a crappie rigs with rubber bands hooked between the bottom snap and the sinker, as this will help to keep your rig out of the snags and in the fish-catching zone.

The rubber band lets the sinker snap in and out of the rocks and when you are hung up, you can pull back hard on the line, letting the line snap back. By doing this you will either kick the weight loose or break the rubber band. Now all you have to do is replace the rubber band and weight instead of putting together an entire crappie rig, which saves you time and gets your rig back into the water quickly.

Who knew fishing could be a “snap”? Click here to learn more fishing tips from the Sioux City Journal. 

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