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Using Rubber Bands for Craft Closet Organizing

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Rubber bands are not only fun to use while crafting, but they are useful to keep our craft closet organized and tidy.

We turned our kitchen pantry into a craft closet and have filled it to the brim with all things needed for our kids to get creative. I’ve organized it in the past, but things get shoved in there all the time. People (who shall remain nameless, but live in my house) often don’t put things back in their proper places. 

You would think it would be easy enough to keep everything organized, but, over time, it starts looking a mess again. Periodically, I have to go through it, weed out the junk and get rid of things we are no longer using. I also have to put things back where they go.

After sorting through everything, I knew one thing that needed to happen was to put LABELS on all the bins. Then, there will be no excuses for people putting things in the wrong places.

So, I made labels for each bin with cardstock and punched a hole in the top. I ran the loop of a red Alliance Super Size Band through the hole and tied a knot at the end to keep each label in place. Then, wrapped the elastics around each one, like so:

It took me no time at all to have all of the bins labeled.

I used Alliance Brites File Bands to keeps markers and paint brushes together. I also used them to keep sticker books shut, keep chalk with chalk boards, and dry erase markers with boards. 

All those loose things that make me crazy are now tidy; that makes me very happy.

As I was organizing, my kids were getting excited because they could easily see everything we had available to be creative with. 

It’s important to me to make our home a hub for creativity and fun. I highly recommend providing a place in your home that has tools on-hand for kids to create and express themselves with while also nourishing my need for organization and tidiness.

Content written by guest blogger: Creative Outpour 

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