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Rubber Bands Help Handle Sewing Room Clutter

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Content written by guest blogger: Creative Outpour 

Scrap fabric, ribbon, measuring tapes, hemming tape …  it’s all taking over my sewing room. Some alterations (see where I went there, a little sewing wordsmithing) to the clutter had to happen so I brought out rubber bands which have helped me to organize other parts of my home. ( Here is what it was looking like before I got started:

The first thing I had to do was clear out the drawers and shelves and clean them up. It’s amazing how much time can go by in between cleaning/organizing sessions. I went through what I wanted to remain in this area and not be moved to another place. Then, I broke things into groups.

1.     Wrapping Ribbon: I had ribbon that I used to decorate things with; like packages, presents. I gathered all of those spools and secured each one with an Alliance Brites File Band. When I finished, I put them all in a basket on the shelf:

2.     Fabric Scraps: I gathered all the scrap pieces of fabric, rolled them up and fastened them with more of the rubber bands. Then, I put them all in a basket on another shelf.

3.     Sewing Drawer: The next problem area was my sewing drawer. There are so many small things in there; it gets cluttered quickly. Then, I find myself digging around in there for things I need and feel extremely frustrated.   I gathered everything into containers, fixed many loose items with rubber bands and wrapped two measuring tapes and hemming tape with rubber bands as well. It didn’t take much time, but it looks much better.

4.     Sewing Ribbon: This drawer holds ribbons for sewing, ribbon scraps and big rolls of pompom fringe. I rolled up each little scrap ribbon piece and fixed it with a rubber band. I wrangled all the loose ends and fastened them with rubber bands. Then, put the little items in baskets and removed things that were no longer useful to me.

I love looking at this area now! When things are cluttered, I feel stressed out whenever I’m in that area. Organizing my sewing space makes me much more likely to use it. It’s more inviting to me now. What to sew next?

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