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DIY Rubber-Band Bulletin Board for Kids

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Contributor: Creative Outpour

My son loves paper; junk mail, little instruction booklets, art, receipts. It can be any kind of paper and it’s everywhere. In an effort to get his important papers organized, I made him his very own Alliance rubber-band bulletin board. He can’t read yet, so it‘s not that it even matters what the papers say, but he just likes to have them. And I like organization. So this project is a win for everyone.

I took an empty frame (which already was painted and had his name on it) and I strung together these wonderful super thick rubber-bands from Alliance Rubber Company. The bands are in the shape of an “O,” so, I crisscrossed it across the frame a couple of times. It was so easy to make and we are happy with the way it turned out.

I didn’t just want to organize his room, I wanted to make something for my son that he would use and enjoy.

He loves it!

This was one of the most fun organizing projects because it was so simple and quick, but gratifying to see my son take ownership of his things and enjoy doing so! I love using things from around the house like rubber-bands to make something so cool and useful. 

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