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Port Chester Middle School with Alliance to raise $25,000

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Eighth graders at Port Chester Middle School in Westchester County, New York have been hard at work on a service project and have Alliance Rubber Company to thank for supporting them. Inspired by a novel they read in seventh grade, these students created a project to raise money that would be donated to Water for South Sudan, an organization that builds wells in villages in South Sudan. When the village gets a well they also build a school. These wells not only provide clean, safe water but give the children access to an education.

The students named themselves, “PC Hydration Nation” and created a project called, “10 for 10,000.”  In this effort, the students encouraged every student in the school to donate 10 dollars over a 10 week period. The goal was to raise over $10,000. One of the eighth graders wrote a letter to Alliance asking for support in their efforts by donating blue rubber bands. One band would represent a dollar raised. The students wanted to give their peers a rubber band to wear as a bracelet for each dollar they donated. The students believed this would create friendly competition, conversation and awareness to the cause.

It worked. The students were collecting their bands and wearing them with pride. The students entered this project into Lead 2 Feed, a national competition. Out of 2,500 entries, PCMS Leadership students won one of six grand prizes. They won $25,000 to add to their donation to South Sudan and $10,000 in technology supplies for the school.

“It is very exciting!  We want to thank Alliance Rubber Bands for helping us be the change we want to see in the world.”

- Allison Silverman, teacher at Port Chester Middle School

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