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Printed rubber bands for any business or occasion

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

You’ve probably seen our printed products like our waterproof waistbands or silicone phone cases, but we’ve got seven printable rubber bands alone! Products ranging from wearable wrist bands to food safe packaging bands can serve almost any business or individual out there. Our entertainment bands are a unique way to bundle CDs, concert T-shirts or DVD packages with brandable and keepable swag. Your audience will love it! Our digital image wristbands allow any picture to be printed and won’t be distorted with stretching over time! The backlight bands are fun and creative wristbands that would be perfect for a birthday party.


There are endless options for advertising opportunities and creating unique giveaways. Let us know some of your ideas of how you could use printed rubber bands! You can buy in bulk to always have bands on hand. Check them all out here.

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