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Rubber bands can help create a stress free moving day!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

There’s no doubt in our, and I’m sure your, mind that moving can be stressful. Packing can be disorganized and chaotic, shipping supplies are  flimsy and unreliable and items break in transit. But with our innovative rubber products, you can take away those worries and stressors. Cable Wrapz can help you organize before items go in the box and prevent tangling. Supersize bands can secure rugs or tarps before they’re loaded onto the truck. And Mover Bands can fit around large pieces of furniture, like dressers, to secure drawers and doors. These products can also be used in a warehouse or industrial environment for moving bulky and large items around. We have seven unique products in our facility and moving category, check them out and let us know how you can use them!

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