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How to make a rubber band ball

Friday, January 13, 2017

Here at Alliance, it’s obvious we love rubber bands. Alliance has been producing quality rubber bands since 1923. It all started when William Spencer obtained a few Goodyear inner tubes and cut the bands by hand. He then persuaded Tulsa World to wrap their newspapers with a band and later went on to pioneer other new markets for bands.

Alliance started with just a few rubber bands, but now has over 2,000 different rubber band products!

Some of the employees at Alliance have become experts at making rubber band balls. Alliance is currently sponsoring a fellow rubber band ball fanatic, Will Love, while he attempts to beat the world record for the biggest rubber band ball. You can follow Will’s progress on Instagram; search for @alliance_record. The record for the world’s largest rubber band ball currently stands with Joel Waul and weights 9,032. Will’s rubber band ball is growing by the day! He still has a way to go, but his Alliance rubber band ball is coming right along. Have you ever wanted to break a world record? 

(Will Love’s rubber band ball)

Check out our tutorial below to learn how to make your very own rubber band ball. We hope to see you break the next world record!

First, take about ten rubber bands and wad them into a ball. 

Next, wrap the wad of rubber bands together with another rubber band, so that they’re all together.

Start wrapping other rubber bands around your wad of bands. This will help to start forming the rubber band ball. (Tip: Use smaller rubber bands at first.) 

Continue to wrap the rubber band wad with other bands in different directions until it starts to look like a rubber band ball. 

As your rubber band ball gets bigger, use bigger rubber bands. 


Will’s rubber band ball is a little bit bigger than ours, but hopefully this tutorial helped you! Make your own rubber band ball and post it on social using the hashtag #AllianceRubberBandBall for a chance to be featured on our social portals!

Rubber band balls are great to make when you’re bored or even for a stress reliever. Comment below why you love making rubber band balls!

Check out other people’s rubber band balls for some inspiration!



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