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World’s Largest Rubber Band Ball Update

Friday, February 10, 2017

Alliance first introduced Will Love last June. He’s been working hard to beat the world record for the largest rubber band ball ever since. Will was recently featured on KNOE 8 News for his world record attempt. Alliance interviewed Will to see how his rubber band ball was coming along. 

How much does your rubber band ball currently weigh?
“It currently weighs around 230 pounds. I spent the weekend working on putting together another chain to wrap around the ball.”

How many hours per day do you spend working on the rubber band ball?
“During the week, I spend about an hour or so per day working on it. ON the weekends, I’d say I spend about 3 – 4 hours per day, depending on my wife’s plans.”

Has your process changed?
“My process hasn’t changed too much since I’ve been using the chain method.”

What has been your favorite part about the process?
“I’d say my favorite part of the process is just watching the ball grow as I’m putting the chains on.”

Where do you plan on storing the rubber band ball when it gets too big for your house?
“As far as storage, I plan on trying to build a box on my back patio to put the ball in when it gets too big.”

Follow along to stay up-to-date on Will’s attempt for the world’s largest rubber band ball! We can’t wait to see how big it gets! 

Check out the progress of the rubber band ball below. 



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