The History of Alliance

Alliance Played Role in One of the Hottest Christmas Gifts of 2013

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Loom kits were one of the most popular toys of Christmas 2013. With these colorful rubber bands, users can create bracelets, rings – even handbags.

What you probably don’t know is that Alliance Rubber is the hidden ingredient to many of these kits. You would probably never guess that our family-owned, female-led rubber band company has been running 24-hour shifts to meet the loom kit demand.

Here's how it happened: The Beadery, a Rhode Island-based company that also takes pride in its Made In the USA products, teamed up with the inventor of The Rainbow Loom™, Choon Ng, who also designed the Wonder Loom™ now selling at Wal-Mart. Alliance is producing 300 million bands per week and bagging them in packages of 600 with special clips that make up the pieces to the Wonder Loom, the only rubber band loom made in the USA.

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Visit Walmart today to get your Wonder Loom™ kit – filled with Alliance bands!

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