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Rubber Band Hacks

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Rubber bands are the perfect tools to help you label and mark items that can easily get confused! So often do we forget where we put things, which jar is the one we were looking for or which cord goes where, however rubber bands offer a number of surprising solutions to these daily problems.

Drink Marker

Drink Maker

Having a dinner party or social gathering? Help your guests keep track of their drink by wrapping a different colored rubber band around the bottom of each glass. Now your guests can easily keep up with their drink without worrying about grabbing the wrong glass.

Jar Labeler

Pantries and cabinets can become headaches to deal with pretty quickly. Use rubber bands to label jars and cans by wrapping different colored bands around them or by using rubber bands to secure paper labels to any number of items.

Name Labeler

Having an event? Make your guests feel welcome by placing printed rubber bands with their names on them around the handles of their gift bags.

Label Cords

Tired of messy, tangled cords? Wrap rubber bands of the same color on opposite ends of individual cords to organize desk and office space.

Label Cords

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