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Small Rubber Band Fishing Lure Tricks

Monday, November 06, 2017

Fishing can be a fun and relaxing hobby, but have you ever had to deal with tackle and lures not staying properly intact? Rubber bands can help!

Our baby rubber bands, or better known as fishing rubber bands, can help old fishing lures seem like new again.

Alliance Rubber’s small rubber band sizes quickly become a fisherman’s best friend and are a staple tackle box necessity for experienced anglers. There are many fishing band tricks, which can be found on our website, but below are the ways to use a rubber band with hooks and lures. 

  1. Hold a Plastic Lure on the Hook
    Use a rubber band to hold back a plastic fishing lure by simply tying the rubber band where the bend of the hook meets the plastic lure. 
    Fishing Lures
    (Photo from Wired2Fish)
  2. Pin a Hook Back
    Keep a hook pinned back and out of the way when using a hard bait.
     Fishing Lures
    (Photo from Wired2Fish)
  3. Tie Two Hooks Together
    Hold a double hook in place while fishing with a lure, allowing the band to break free when the fish bites down.
  4. Add Color
    In shallow water, colors with longer wavelengths (like red) are more visible to the fish. A red rubber band around your lure, can help attract fish.
    Fishing Lures
    (Photo from Wired2Fish)

Contact us today if you’re interested in purchasing our fishing rubber bands! 

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