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Wow the Crowd with a Rubber Band

Thursday, October 31, 2013

It’s Halloween. Plenty have purchased a costume, but many will also be “winging it” by putting something together at the last minute. If you fall into the latter category, dress as a magician but take it a step further and perform like one, too!

It has been said, “a magician never reveals his secrets.” However, on this holiday, we will reveal one secret: All you need is a ring and a rubber band to perform “The Rising Ring” trick.

Cut a rubber band into a single length. Place the ring inside the rubber band and grab both ends.

With your right hand, grab the band to the very edge. With your left hand allow a good length of the band to accumulate.

Tilt the rubber band with your right hand higher than your left, but have the ring next to your left hand. Slowly release the extra length in your left hand and you will see the band is getting larger, but to the crowd it looks like the ring is rising.

As long as the crowd is focused on the ring and not your hands or the rubber band, they will be mesmerized! This is a fun trick to pull at a children’s Halloween party. Just believe in yourself, and they will believe in magic.

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