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Awesome Projects to Make with Tie-Dye Rubber Bands

Friday, March 15, 2019

tie-dyeEven if you weren’t around for its peak popularity in the 1960s, it’s never too late to add a little tie-dye into your own unique style. If you’re interested in bringing this timeless design of vibrant colors back to life, grab some of our Tie-Dye Rubber Bands and try out these projects.

T-Shirts: Probably the most iconic use of tie-dye design. T-shirts are a perfect way for children and adults to add some flare into their wardrobe with a use of bright and lively colors.

Bedding: If clothing isn’t enough, tie-dyeing blankets and pillow cases will make the entire room popping with excitement. Add a lava lamp on the nightstand and things will really start getting groovy.

Hats: A tie-dye hat is the easiest way to add some color into any outfit. It’s safe to assume you’ll stand out in any crowd with a glowing tie-dye hat on your head.

House linens: Maybe a tie-dye wardrobe isn’t your style. If you still like the design, but aren’t keen on wearing it, consider a tie-dye tablecloth or towel to create that personal and custom look in your home.

There are countless other tie-dye projects that can be done to provide fun for the entire family. No matter what you’re looking for, Alliance will be there to assist with your tie-dyeing and any other rubber band needs.

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