The History of Alliance

Alliance: Developing Solutions Since Day One

Monday, April 15, 2019
Alliance Rubber Company is a family owned company founded 96 years ago by William H. Spencer in 1923. The first endeavor of our company was to solve a problem and this has remained the driving force behind the growth and development of our rubber band product lines and our manufacturing processes. The daily newspapers Mr. Spencer saw flying across lawns, littering the landscape rather than spreading the word, was an irritant Spencer saw which needed taming. What better way than with a rubber band? These were not the rubber bands as we know them today. Mr. Spencer applied a substantial amount of time and effort (outside of his full time job) to produce cut bands out of inner tubes in his garage and peddled them on his days off to potential customers in the newspaper industry. 
He continued to look for applications that would benefit from his rubber band product. This took him into the office supply industry and its need for bundling and organizing work flow. This bundling need started his push into agriculture to bundle produce in local markets as well.  And so Alliance Rubber Company began. 
How often do you see a product as simplistic in concept and economic in cost maintain its value over so long a period of time? It’s not a gadget or fad meant for a short-lived timespan. It has a real and undisputed purpose in helping us better organize our homes, workplaces, and schools. It is a product that readily translates from one use to another. You may buy it wrapped around produce or used to hold protective wrapping around furniture and re-use it in your home to hold chip bags closed and fresh or to organize your garage tools or bundle boat and camping supplies. The rubber band is versatile. 
Spencer saw the need to create a range of rubber bands with different attributes to address different needs and we grew. How do you compete in the marketplace against the low cost of import product? Spencer developed the world’s first “continuous cure” process allowing Alliance to produce product much more consistent in structure and much faster to manufacture than what could be supplied by the manual labor of imports. He looked at his flat bands used for bundling and decided they would better serve his customers if they were round with an open center that allowed fingers to fit in the center to stretch and apply more easily and more quickly. For that need, he created the “open ring” concept that has since been adopted worldwide. 
Our history is based on identifying a need and offering a solution. It’s what we do….very well.
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