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The Broke College Student’s Bluetooth Headset: A Rubber Band

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our culture strives to make everything hands-free. More and more bathrooms are featuring automatic hand dryers and toilets that automatically flush. Even the simple act of holding a phone has become optional with the advent Bluetooth headsets.

This device is perfect for people who always have their hands full. And what type of person always seems to be juggling a million different activities? A college student!

Bluetooth headsets can be pricey, and the cost of higher education is not cheap. So what is a college student supposed to do? Strap a larger rubber band around his/her head of course!

Is it silly? Absolutely. Will it gain popularity? Most likely not. It is, however, a creative solution for a college student to talk on the phone while carrying a drink with their books while throwing a Frisbee in the square.

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