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Monday, July 01, 2019
"We have been using a box of your rubber bands that we recently found in a shed in a remote location in Alaska from 1993, and we want to order more."
Rubber bands have been around for a very long time. In fact, Alliance Rubber Company was founded in 1923 when Mr. William H. Spencer repurposed old Goodyear inner tubes into bands for securing newspapers. We've come a long way since those days. We now manufacture more than 2,000 products and tools designed for "Holding Your World Together."
Quality control is a top priority for us. We aren't the only company manufacturing rubber bands, and we know that the quality of our product is what sets us ahead of the competition. We know it's one thing to say that, but the "proof is in the punch." Listen to the feedback we recently received from a purchasing agent.
The call came in from the State of Alaska Forestry Division. While taking the order, we learned of an incredible story involving a box of our rubber bands from the early 90's. The bands were found in a remote shed in Alaska where they had been sitting, most likely forgotten about. They were sure that these would need to be thrown away, but after using the entire box of bands without any breakage or failure they were so impressed that they ordered an entire pallet of rubber bands.
Some manufacturers might think that manufacturing a product that lasts means less of a demand and, therefore, less profit. However, Alliance Rubber Company prides itself on being the manufacturer of high-quality, long-lasting products because we believe that's more important than increasing the bottom line. The quality standards that Mr. Spencer set for his rubber bands in 1923 through the 1990's when we manufactured this particular box of bands, and every day since then, still stand today.
Want to learn more about the many ways our products can improve your business? Or, are you interested learning where you can purchase a bag of these long-lasting rubber bands for yourself? Use our "contact us" form today!
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