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Rubber Bands For The Professional Cleaning Industry

Friday, November 08, 2019

rubberbands rubber bandsThink for a moment about the importance of a garment management system in a Dry Cleaning or Commercial Laundry business. Most Dry Cleaning and Laundering Service Companies take in hundreds (or even thousands) of pieces each day, and in some cases, for same-day service. To keep up with the demands, dry cleaners and laundries implement a wide array of methods.

We recently heard from one such Dry Cleaner in New Jersey. This particular business uses Advantage® Rubber Bands as a part of their garment management system.

Why have rubber bands found a permanent place in their dry cleaning supplies?

It’s because rubber bands are an inexpensive and efficient way to bundle orders as they come in, while they’re being processed, and as they make their way back to the customer.

At drop-off, rubber bands serve as an effective tool to attach labels, including names or specific laundering instructions, to counter and laundry bags. We offer a variety of price-sensitive rubber bands to dry cleaning and commercial laundry suppliers for this purpose. This business-owner chooses Advantage® Rubber Bands because they are available in four different colors. Different bands are used to color-code and organize each bundle of laundry during cleaning and also after its been processed.  Later, when the customer arrives for their items, even if they were processed in several different bundles, they clerk can retrieve the entire pre-bundled order at once. 

In any service-based industry, the bottom line for success is making the customer happy. For this industry, that means making drop-off and pickup more convenient and faster. That’s why rubber bands are the choice of dry cleaning and laundry businesses who are looking to keep their clients happy, without breaking the bank!

For more information about Alliance’s Advantage® Rubber Bands in red, blue, green, and natural crepe visit our Dry Cleaners & Laundries page.

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