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Antimicrobial Non-Latex Rubber Bands

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Recently we introduced you to our Non-Latex® Tourniquets with Antimicrobial Product Protection. The launch of this great new product was “fast-tracked” to meet demand for the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare and Medical facilities across the nation have been in desperate need of medical equipment from domestic sources, and we are happy to help.

Non-Latex® bands have been in the news as well, proving to be a suitable replacement for the elastic normally found in face masks and other valuable personal protective equipment (PPE). We have always felt that rubber bands were a superior product to elastic, and it seems that everyone else is finally joining the bandwagon!

Did you know that Alliance Rubber Company makes the world’s only antimicrobial Non-Latex® Rubber Bands?

In addition to our antimicrobial tourniquets and standard Non-Latex® Rubber Bands, Alliance manufactures the world’s only antimicrobial Non-Latex® Rubber Bands. These bands are excellent for healthcare as well as general use!

Our Non-Latex® Bands with Antimicrobial Product Protection recently received a face lift. Check out the new look!

“American Made means fresher stock, shorter lead times, and higher-quality products...”

Alliance is an American Made manufacturer of Non-Latex® Rubber Bands, Non-Latex® Rubber Bands with Antimicrobial Protection, as well as Non-Latex® Tourniquets with Antimicrobial Protection. You can expect fresher stock, shorter lead times, and higher-quality products even during the current interruptions in the supply chain.

Visit our products page to learn more about our trusted Non-Latex® and Antimicrobial Rubber Bands for Medical & Healthcare Facilities. Have questions? Fill out our contact form and someone will be in contact with you! Want to place an order ASAP? Send an email to


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