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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I personally don't play tennis much less know how the game is played. However, I do have friends who LOVE tennis. This past weekend, I went to watch a friend play in a tennis match. He was telling me about a rubber band use for a tennis racquet. He had learned that Andre Agassi would tie a rubber band around the two main strings in his racquet, to regulate the degree of dampening and create a desired feel. I found this very interesting and thought I would share.

Here is the intructions:

• Flatten the rubber band and loop behind the 2 center mains.
• Tie around in a single knot while keeping the band square to the strings.
• Adjust to your desired tension.
• Use a 1/4" band so it stays snug and in place.

If you love tennis and have tried this before, let me know how it worked for you. Also, if you have anymore suggestions on how to use rubber bands in a tennis game, please share.

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