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How to Create a Spiral Tie-Dye Design

Monday, July 20, 2020
Tie dying has been around for a long while. It's nothing new, but it continues to make its way into everyone's closet. With the recent quarantine, boredom has led many of us to be much more crafty at home than ever before. 
With tie dying - all you need is an article of clothing, fabric dye (or food coloring), Alliance’s Tie-Dye Rubber Bands, protective gloves, and a safe workspace.
A quick trip to your local hobby store (or on the web), and you will find plenty of different colors to choose from. Searching online you’ll see that there are hundreds of different ways to achieve the design or style you want. The “go-to” and most popular design is the spiral – which we focus on in the first episode of our Tie Dying Tips Series. 
Tie dying is completely creative and even if you mess up, each piece is wonderfully unique. 
It's a fun, easy project for the whole family at home. It can be messy, though, so you'll need a good workstation. 
Click the video to watch the first episode! 
You can find all the items you need to create your next spiral tie-dye design at your nearest Walmart – including Alliance’s Tie-Dye Rubber Bands!
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