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Changes to the Newspaper & Postal Service Industry in 2020

Tuesday, September 08, 2020
MAIL-IN VOTING RUBBER BANDSNewspapers and the U.S. Postal Service – both shared a huge role in America’s “Golden Age.” Like many things, these two industries face enormous changes in 2020, and will only continue to change in the years to come. 
According to the US Postal Service, on any given day, 433 million pieces of mail are delivered. In addition to that, they're expecting increases in November with mail-in voting due to COVID-19.
This year the USPS has already experienced a dramatic increase in their work load, due to the overwhelming demand online shoppers have put on the system. The Coronavirus Pandemic caused many businesses to close their doors, forcing shoppers to seek out their everyday products for purchase online. 
If you read our post about the Postal Services restrictions on bundling letters for bulk mail, you’d know that The US Postal Service will reject any parcel that is not securely and firmly held together. Furthermore, Alliance helped the USPS establish The General Services Administration, Federal Supply Service Issued Commercial Item Description A-A-131B, which sets the acceptable industrial sizes and associated dimensions for each band rubber band. 
Now, more than ever, businesses and government offices will need to closely adhere to those guidelines when sending bulk mail. 
Alliance provides the exact rubber bands needed for sending in bundles of mail, correctly.  To be exact, the bands we provide are the same postal rubber bands sold to the USPS. These postal rubber bands are guaranteed to meet or exceed all Postal requirements. 
When you start preparing your bundled mail for USPS, Alliance Postal Bands are a lifesaver. Not only are you avoiding costly bundling errors, you are getting your mail sent in the right way, which is a benefit to you and the postal service. 
What’s Going on with Newspapers?
Just like we mentioned above, The Newspaper Industry thrived during America’s “Golden Age.” However, in recent years, 2,000 independent newspapers were forced to close. These closures contributed to a 44% drop of individual newspaper sales from 2004 through 2019. 
Newspapers have been operating in a harsh environment since the Great Recession of 2008 which caused a wave of closures. In addition to that, more and more people are now getting their news from online news outlets. All of this was even long before the impacts of COVID-19. The recent pandemic closed millions of local businesses that newspapers rely on for advertising. 
However, all hope is not lost. Newspapers have arguably become more popular as the demand for trustworthy, local news has exploded. The local newspaper keeps people in the know about what is going on in their local communities and local governments. Independent journalism is vital tool in the effort to seek out unbiased and reliable information. 
Alliance provides reliable, price-sensitive options to help the Newspaper and Postal Industries weather these enormous changes in 2020.
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