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Fire Hose Retaining Bands

Monday, September 28, 2020
FIRE HOSE RETAINING BANDWorking for the Forestry Division as a Firefighter is no easy job. The recent wildfires which ripped through California in 2020 brought a renewed respect and admiration for Firefighters. It’s a dangerous job and grueling whenever the call comes in. 
While it’s not possible to eliminate all risks associated with the job, Firefighters make every effort to reduce certain risks by carefully maintaining their gear. 
One essential tool to the Firefighter is (you guessed it) a rubber band!
But, how do they use these rubber bands? 
Firefighters carefully roll and stow away fire hoses so that they are safe, secure, and ready to roll out when the time comes! Much in the way that a firefighter will prepare their turnout gear, so they can easily suit-up when an emergency occurs.
A Fire Hose Retaining Band is great for securing these hoses in a way that keeps them easily accessible while also preventing damage. The most popular sizes are 9.5” x 1” and 10” x 1” which fit perfectly around most standard synthetic fire hoses.
Coincidentally, these Fire Hose Retaining Bands work with many other types of hoses such as: RV hoses, Garden hoses, and many more! 
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