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Real Simple: Rubber Band Life Hacks

Monday, October 19, 2020
REAL SIMPLE Magazine recently published a wonderful article in their “New uses for Old Things” section. We were excited to see their enthusiasm for some of the many ways rubber bands can improve daily life. Check out the article below for some great life hacks!
Sure, they can corral a pile of mail or handful of pens, but they do some of their best work when they’re out of the office.
By: Brandi Broxson
Photographs by: Ted + Chelsea Cavanaugh
Dispenser Decelerator
If little hands are pump-pump-pumping out way more soap or sanitizer than they need, conserve your supply by wrapping a rubber band around the spring mechanism.
cutting board
Slip-Free Cutting Board
Stretch rubber bands around the top and bottom of your board to prevent it from sliding as you slice and dice (yikes!).
Lid Releaser
Protect your biceps (and sanity) by placing a rubber band around a stubborn jar cap. It will improve your grip and make twisting easier.
Earring Back rubber bands
Earring Back
If you’ve lost the metal fastener, MacGyver a replacement: Snip off a bit of rubber band and pierce it with the earring post.

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