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Rubber Bands Can Create a Portable Tissue Trashcan

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

“When your nose is runny, you may think it’s funny. But it’s not.” While this may be a silly rhyme, dealing with a cold or allergies is no fun. A runny nose is something that must be addressed and that can even be a little embarrassing at times.

Few people carry tissues with them and even fewer have a disposal option available when you’re done. Now you can be among the lifesaving few thanks to this clever use of rubber bands. All you need is two tissue boxes (one full and one empty) and three rubber bands.

Cut each rubber band once, tie them together to form a larger rubber band and then wrap it around the two tissue boxes.

You now have a portable trashcan to dispose of your used tissues. No more having to toss them on your car floor, in the bottom of your purse or on the ground for someone else to place in a trashcan.

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