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The Top 10 Ways to Organize Your Summer with a Rubber Band

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spring-cleaning has come and gone. For many of us the time has come to deal with summer organizing. Indeed a daunting task for many to ponder, but it may not be as difficult as you think.

The various types of rubber bands we make are capable of tackling numerous jobs around the house.

Here are the top 10 ways you can organize your life with rubber bands:

1. Stretch around a box to prevent loose flaps.

Taping down a flap can be a quick fix, but a pain to remove. Stretch a rubber band around the box and store it anywhere

2. Bundle loose pens, crayons and other utensils.

Loose writing instruments can occupy unnecessary space in your desk. Bundling these with a rubber band can create more room for other items.

3. Keep a tablecloth in place.

Do you need a table for a messy chore, but want to keep it clean? Stretch a rubber band across the tablecloth at each end of the tabletop.

4. Prevent kinks in your water hose.

Stretching out a tangled water hose can be a pain. Gear Wrapz (pictured below) is a new rubber band product used to easily bind lengthy objects together.

5. Secure a trash bag in a garbage can.

Keep trash bags in place with a rubber band. Now that dirty garbage bag won’t cave into the trash can as you fill it.

6. Strap onto your car visor to read directions, store loose paper, etc. during your summer road trip.

No need to stack papers on the seat of your car when you can store them on your visors. Your passengers will thank you for sparing them the mess.

7. Enclose an overstuffed box.

Do you have a box filled to the brim, but have to place just a few more items inside because you don’t have the space for a second one? Stretch a rubber band across to contain the overload.

8. Contain a notebook full of notes, tests, etc. (perfect for the college student).

College classes require a lot of note taking, but no student wants to bring more than one notebook. The new Corner to Corner rubber bands (pictured above) offer the perfect solution to store all of your materials in one binder.

9. Take the tangle out of your power cords.

Just as Gear Wrapz provide a great way to gather a water hose, they offer the same benefit for power cords. Eliminate the time wasted attempting to untangle entwined cords.

10. Straighten the bristles of an old, raggedy broom.

Are you about to dispose of a timeworn, shabby broom? Wrap a rubber band around the bristles, leave it overnight, then remove the next morning. Your broom will look like it turned back the hands of time.


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