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Special Delivery: A Rubber Band Bouquet

Friday, August 03, 2012

Whether you need it for your top executive or a special friend, make a beautiful flower bouquet in a matter of minutes with fresh flowers and a few rubber bands.


While you do not have to be a flower expert to make an arrangement, you might want to consider utilizing some interesting containers and unusual items, like rubber bands, when putting one together.

To make a bouquet, first gather fresh flowers. Try to do this in the morning or late in the evening. Afterward, put them in a bucket or container with water.

Consider the type of container you need for your arrangement and the wide variety of possibilities. Container selection is a personal choice that adds dimension to your floral projects. Items such as teacups, pitchers, jars, and bowls are fun and decorative.

With materials gathered, lay the flowers down and spread them out. Select what you want. Trim your stems at an angle and just above the height of the vase for the best effect. Then, use a rubber band to keep the flower heads together.

To make a dome of flowers, bunch and tie them with a rubber band.  Place in a container. Put several in the same container for added variety.

Keep this in mind---fresh flowers usually last about a week and then its time to make a new one. Rest easy knowing you can enjoy the best selection and an endless assortment of arrangements with a few minutes of your time and a couple of rubber bands.

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