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  1. What Gives Rubber Bands Their Strength?  

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    Since opening our doors in 1923, Alliance Rubber Company has established itself as a world leader in the manufacturing of custom rubber bands and other organizational tools. Our 2,200 innovative products are marketed in 60 countries, and as a third-generation family business, we’re committed to manufacturing our products in the United States and upholding the highest standards for quality, efficiency, and customer service. Our facility in Hot Springs, Arkansas, employs 165 incredible team members, more than half of whom have been with the company for more than five years.

    Our wide selection of rubber products and organizational tools, including digital image wrist bands, workout bands, silicone bracelets, and more, are centered around what we’ve done best for nearly 100 years: custom rubber bands.

    How Are Rubber Bands Made?

    rubber band manufacturing processRubber comes from plants and has been used for centuries by numerous individuals and industries. It was discovered by Europeans to erase pencil marks and proved useful for waterproofing, but the commercialization of rubber was a challenge due to its characteristics (brittle in the cold, gooey in the heat). It wasn’t until Charles Goodyear discovered the vulcanization process in 1839 that rubber was able to be stabilized and used for a variety of purposes. Just a few years later, the rubber band was invented.

    Today, rubber band manufacturing is a multi-step process. In short, it looks like this:

    1. The latex is harvested and purified, then mixed with acetic or formic acid to ensure the rubber particles stick together. It’s then formed into slabs and shipped to rubber manufacturers.
    2. The rubber is mixed with chemicals to enhance or diminish elasticity, change the color, and more.
    3. It’s put through the milling process, where it’s heated and pressed flat.
    4. The rubber is cut into strips and passed through an extrusion machine.
    5. After the curing process, the rubber is sliced into finished rubber bands.

    Rubber bands are useful in schools, retail stores, food and beverage companies, the post office, and so many other places due to their stretchability and elasticity. Rubber bands are stretchy because of entropy, which is a state of disorder. When a rubber band is at rest, rubber molecules are tangled in a random mess, meaning they have high entropy. When you stretch it, the disordered molecules straighten, meaning they have less entropy. Once you let it go, the molecules return to their relaxed state or disorder and high entropy.

    As you’ve probably experienced, they can only “bounce back” for so long. Cold temperatures make rubber bands brittle and prone to snapping. Oxygen and UV light break the rubber down over time, and eventually the band loses its elasticity—which is why outdoor rubber bands are typically made to be UV and ozone resistant to help prolong their lifespan. These EPDM rubber bands are made of heavy-duty, non-latex synthetic rubber to withstand harsh and ever-changing environmental conditions.

    Services & Products by Alliance Rubber

    Alliance Rubber is a trusted partner for private label manufacturing. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified lean manufacturer with extensive capabilities and years of experience, we’re prepared to handle orders of all sizes. From basic commercial rubber bands to custom printed rubber bands and produce and floral bands, our patented soft-stretch system ensures the bands are strong enough to secure your bundle while being easier to stretch. Take a closer look at our wide range of consumer and industrial rubber products.

    Rubber Bands from Alliance Rubber

    You’ll find rubber bands in use everywhere from the post office to the grocery store, and the option to customize these bands makes them even more useful. We can print moving supplies or food bands with your logo, address, instructions, barcodes, or QR codes to fit your specific needs.

    At Alliance Rubber, we offer high-quality custom rubber bands in a wide range of sizes and colors. Our complete line of services includes custom rubber compounding and extrusions, warehousing and distribution, die cutting, specialty imprinting, research and development, and more. Learn more about becoming a distributor of Alliance Rubber products, or contact us to place your order.

  2. The Necessary Properties of Seafood Rubber Bands

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    Alliance Rubber is a third-generation family-owned company that is designated as WOSB or Women-Owned Small Businesses. In addition, 94% of our sales meet the “Buy American” standard for U.S.-made products. By sourcing our products domestically, our customers are assured that our stock is fresher, our service faster, our fill-rate is better, and our quality is consistently the highest. We are proud to serve commercial fisheries and other seafood-focused companies with our crab shell, lobster claw, and seafood rubber bands.

    Considerations & Properties of Food Service/Seafood Rubber Bands

    There are specific FDA regulations that apply to rubber bands used for food service packaging. The Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 addresses rubber articles intended for repeated use with food for human consumption. It itemizes how rubber can be safely used in production, preparation, manufacture, packing, processing, transportation, or holding of food. It includes standards such as that the rubber must be from natural or synthetic polymers, it cannot change the food or be used in excess quantities, and it must be recognized as safe for food packaging material, including natural latex and silicone.

    Natural Latex

    Latex is the soft, white substance beneath the bark of a rubber tree that protects the tree from insects. Once the natural latex is harvested, it may undergo additional processing, such as compounding, coagulation, vulcanization, centrifugation, stripping, chlorination, leaching, and lubrication to produce the final natural rubber product.


    Silicone is a man-made polymer created by heating silica and carbon to high temperatures. Though it is a synthetic rubber, it is a hybrid of organic compounds known as hydrocarbons. It is considered food safe since it is resistant to chemicals and high temperatures, doesn’t react with foodstuffs, and doesn’t create hazardous byproducts that could affect workers or consumers.

    Our seafood bands offer many benefits for the commercial fishing industry, including:

    • Band It! – Our natural latex and food-safe silicone rubber bands assist with catching, processing, or packaging.
    • Trace It! – Our bands for traceability in packaging can be printed with information such as fishing boat numbers to ensure freshness and source identification.
    • Brand It! – Remind consumers of who you are as they use your products with our bands for branding & promotion. We can print your brand or logo for instant brand recognition.

    Seafood Rubber Banding Machines by Alliance Rubber

    Our company also offers rubber banding machines for commercial fisheries. Lobster fishing is demanding and can be hard on banders. It takes a toll on the body, resulting in pain and swelling in the forearms and fingers and contributing to carpal tunnel in their wrists. At Alliance Rubber, our team recognized that toll, so we developed a machine that simplifies the banding process.

    High-quality lobsters demand a high market price. The quality is indicated by a hard shell, which equals a high survival rate, high meat yield, and safe transportability. Our lobster banding machine increases the quality of the lobster by decreasing the length of handling time and touchpoints. With our machine, banding lobster claws goes from a grueling, physical task to a quick motion as simple as sliding the claws into the waiting, expanded band and pulling them upward to release the band from the machine.

    Quality Lobster Claw Elastic Bands and Oyster Bands from Alliance Rubber

    When your business depends on food-safe packaging products, you want assurance they are American-made in compliance with FDA regulations. At Alliance Rubber, we demand only the highest quality raw materials to deliver reliable, safe products to our customers. Our latex and silicone seafood bands were developed with the commercial fishing industry in mind. They address the most pressing concerns, from catching, processing, and packaging to tracing to brand recognition.

    We didn’t stop there, though. Our team also developed our lobster banding machine to make delivering and selling high-quality lobsters easier on banders. It not only saved them from repetitive stress injury but increased the quality of the lobsters by reducing the time of handling and number of touchpoints.

    We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line or send your questions, and we’ll be happy to respond as quickly as possible. You can also contact one of our sales reps directly.

    properties of food service and seafood rubber bands



  3. Looking for a Private Label Manufacturer for Custom Rubber Bands?

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    Since 1923, Alliance Rubber Company has been providing high-quality consumer and industrial rubber products. We offer a range of office, packaging, and specialty items, including private label, custom printed rubber bands for some of the top companies around the world.

    We’re proud of our capabilities as a private label manufacturer. We strive to make the process simple and enjoyable for our clients, so you get your defect-free order quickly and on-budget. Here, we share the basics of private label manufacturing and how to find the right one for your business.

    How to Find the Right Private Label Manufacturer

    Private labeling allows you to market another company’s product under your own name. This is an important option if you’d like to offer a specific item or build your product line, but you don’t have the capabilities to manufacture it yourself.

    You hire a manufacturer to produce something they’re already producing, perhaps with minor changes to a formulation or design. Then you put your own brand label on the item and sell it as your own. It’s a great way to help you grow your brand without building or expanding your own manufacturing facility or putting time and money into research and development.

    Private labeling offers high profit margins and helps you build customer loyalty. Because your branded products aren’t available everywhere, the right marketing can create demand for an exclusive product. If you do want to expand your reach, you have the opportunity for wholesale income by selling your branded product to other stores to sell to their customers.

    Not all manufacturers offer private labeling services. It’s important to compare capabilities, pricing, and experience to determine if you’ve found the right private label manufacturer for you.

    Custom Printed Rubber Bands for Your Business

    For decades, Alliance Rubber has served clients across numerous industries as a private label manufacturer of rubber bands. Our printed rubber bands are used in many ways:

    • Health and Beauty Packaging
    • Food and Beverage Packaging
    • Promotional Wristbands
    • DVD and Book Packaging
    • Product Bundling
    • Black Light Bands
    • QR Code Bands
    • Digital Image Wristbands
    • And More

    We also offer basic commercial rubber bands in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials, made with our patented “soft-stretch” system. This makes them easy to stretch, but still able to reliably hold your bundle. They’re made here in the United States, which allows us to offer faster service and ensure the quality of every band.

    Our military-grade rubber products are extensively tested and trusted by top military installations and aerospace companies. They offer safety, versatility, and durability in the extreme situations and challenging conditions where nothing less will do.

    We print rubber bands for a number of industries, including:

    • Stationery: Our private labeling serves both global companies and small local businesses.
    • Paper and Packaging: Companies in the medical, electronics, construction, laundry and dry cleaning, direct mail, banks, casinos, and veterinary fields frequently use our rubber products.
    • Agricultural Packaging: Produce growers trust our rubber products for their harvest.
    • Newspapers, Post Office, and Government: Our solutions are affordable and reliable.

    With our years of experience, you don’t have to take our word for it: read our testimonials and browse our company history to get a better sense of who we are and how we help clients all over the world with customized solutions and printed rubber bands that meet their unique marketing and packaging needs.

    Our innovations include the invention of the Open Ring® band, freezer bands, the world’s first plastic bands, imprinted Ad Bands®, Fragrance Bands, and so much more. We were one of two companies in the United States to be honored with the Excellence in Innovation Award by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Alliance Rubber Company is proud to be recognized for our commitment to offering our clients the best solutions and giving them more ways to reach their customers and reliably package their products.

    As a third-generation family-owned business, we offer 2,200 products and tools designed to hold your world together. Contact us to learn more about our private labeling services and custom printed rubber bands.

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