Introducing a Uniquely Patriotic Wristband

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching. It’s a safe bet many Americans will be wearing a t-shirt or hat with a United States symbol. Are you looking for a fun, unique way to display your American heritage this year? Allow us to present our new Liberty Bands.

Introducing a uniquely patriotic wristband

A Liberty Band is a printable wristband that features the American flag. These bands are the perfect way to display your American pride for this Fourth of July and beyond.

Liberty Bands are a creation of Fotoflex™ wristbands, a product of Ad Bands®. FotoFlex™ wristbands are the first stretchable rubber wristbands that use four-color imprinting of digital graphics. We are the only company in the world that makes FotoFlex™ products.

We even made it possible for companies and organizations to share in the American pride by adding their logo or name to the Liberty Band. That makes this wristband a fun promotional item for any patriotic event.

Liberty Bands can be ordered online at our website,



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