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Celebrating the 90th Anniversary, Alliance Rubber Company Proves It’s Good for the Long Stretch

America’s Favorite Rubber Band Manufacturer Celebrates 90 years of innovation and design

HOT SPRINGS, AR., March 7, 2013 –The roaring 20’s may be long gone, but there is one device from that time that has flourished with the test of time – the Alliance Rubber Band. Since the arrival of Alliance Rubber Bands in 1923, the simple stretchy loops of rubber have become a ubiquitous mainstay in offices, homes, schools and everywhere in between. The list of endless uses and versatile applications for Alliance Products continues to grow with company’s forward-thinking team.

What started as a simple, practical, and reliable solution for everyday life has been transformed by the innovators at Alliance Rubber Company into a multi-faceted collection of more than 2,000 products and tools designed to hold your world together. Advancements such as their FotoFlex™ Wristbands, developed in 2012 to provide the world’s first stretchable wristband that uses four-color imprinting of digital graphics, have extended the Alliance Brand’s reach far beyond the home and office and into another new territory that allows customers to turn an ordinary rubber wristband into a mini-billboard for maximum promotional effect.

Today, Alliance Products are sold in more than 28 countries in a vast array of fun and functional colors, styles and sizes, including Brites, Advantage, Corner-to-Corner, Cable & Gear Wrapz & Strapz, Big Bands, Can Bands, SuperSize Bands, ProTape, Mail/Ship Products, and more.

“The Alliance Brand has always been about providing universal tools with unlimited versatility,” said Bonnie Swayze, President and daughter of founder William H. Spencer. “By demonstrating a commitment to contemporary consumers’ concerns, such as sustainability, the Alliance brand continues to introduce new and innovative solutions to the world as we celebrate our 90th anniversary. We hear on a daily basis from many people that life without these iconic products wouldn’t be the same.”

During this past year, the Alliance Brand further demonstrated its vast capabilities with introductions into the consumer packaged goods categories. Whiffers™ use the power of aromatherapy as a scented wristband that helps students retain the information they study and to keep calm while testing. The most versatile of any gripping product, Slip-On Grip™ adds comfort to the handles of any item and resolves issues with slipping, sliding, poor grip, or the need for more torque. Eraselet™ was created as a functional eraser that can be worn as a bracelet.

From industrial facilities to the big screen, art museums and YouTube, office desks and workshops, Alliance Products have become ingrained in the way people organize and express themselves around the globe. Alliance produces 13 million pounds of bands annually. Assuming an average band size of 3.5” by 1/8’’ and an average count-per-pound of 800, these bands could be laid end-to-end and easily encircle the globe 23 times.

About Alliance Rubber Company

Since 1923, Alliance Rubber Company has been dedicated to Holding Your World Together. The company has grown into a global leader with over 2,100 skus of mailing, shipping, office and packaging products. Two-thirds of Alliance’s associates have more than five years tenure and take pride in American craftsmanship, quality and innovation. Alliance is dedicated to American manufacturing with 94% of its sales coming from American-made products. They are currently providing a “We Can Make It in America” pledge on their website where customers can pledge to spend $1 per day on U.S. Made goods and do their part to create one million American jobs.

SOURCE: Alliance Rubber Company

Jason Risner
Marketing Manager
Alliance Rubber
501 262 8162

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