The World’s Largest Rubber Band Ball: Meet Will

You may have heard, Will Love is on the way to breaking the world record for largest rubber band ball with a little help from Alliance.

Love is from Ruston, Louisiana and works in finance. His fascination with rubber band balls began in while he was in middle school when he read about the word’s largest in the Guinness Book of World Records. He recently decided to try and beat the record when he read that the current title holder was partnering with a rubber company from India to beat his own previous record. Love believed if the record would be held by an America, the materials should be American as well.

“I felt that the record should be ‘Made in America’, so I contacted Alliance to team up and bring the record back home,” Love said.

Since then, Love has been adding Alliance bands to the growing ball. It is already over 65 pounds! We’re proud to say that our products are made in Hot Springs, Arkansas!

Keep up with our blog and Instagram, @alliance_record, to learn about Will and follow along with the journey to beating the world record for largest rubber band ball! Every week we’ll post updates on Will and the ball. Help us cheer Will on!

Rubber band ball

Rubber band ball