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Features on the unlimited uses of rubber bands.
How Tattoo Artists Use Rubber Bands Featured Image
How Tattoo Artists Use Rubber Bands
  • Posted:
  • Category: Industrial
Here at Alliance Rubber Company, we make rubber bands for many different industries. Our Tattoo Rubber Bands are used to stabilize the needle of a tattoo gun to prevent swaying. The bands allow the needle to move properly - especially when used with flat shading needles where the tube tip is open on top. The rubber bands are changed with every tattoo...Read More

The History of Alliance Featured Image
The History of Alliance
  • Posted:
  • Category: Alliance Rubber
 The history of rubber bands goes back a long way. Alliance Rubber Company was founded 95 years ago in Alliance, Ohio and we’ve been manufacturing rubber bands ever since. Our founder, William Spencer, began the company by cutting bands from Goodyear inner tubes. After seeing newspapers blowing across lawns, he persuaded the Tulsa World...Read More

How Our Rubber Bands Can Be Used in The Kitchen  Featured Image
How Our Rubber Bands Can Be Used in The Kitchen
  • Posted:
  • Category: Home Use
Our Slip-On-Grip is the kitchen tool you need! The rubber band grip allows you to add torque to almost anything. Everyone’s life has been affected by poor grip at one point or another. With Slip-On-Grips, you can perform everyday tasks with greater ease and efficiency. Just stretch the Grip over any surface, and you suddenly have the leverage...Read More