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Features on the unlimited uses of rubber bands.
Fire Hose Retaining Bands Featured Image
Fire Hose Retaining Bands
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  • Category: Industrial
Working for the Forestry Division as a Firefighter is no easy job. The recent wildfires which ripped through California in 2020 brought a renewed respect and admiration for Firefighters. It’s a dangerous job and grueling whenever the call comes in.    While it’s not possible to eliminate all risks associated with the...Read More

Jockey Tack & Equine Accessories Featured Image
Jockey Tack & Equine Accessories
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  • Category: Industrial
Jockeys and Equestrians use a lot of equipment to keep riders and horses safe and comfortable.   For the riders: Jockeys wear helmets while racing. Those helmets are equipped with helmet covers that have to be secured to stay in place. For this, they use one 9” x ¾” rubber band. One great thing about these Helmet...Read More

Changes to the Newspaper & Postal Service Industry in 2020 Featured Image
Changes to the Newspaper & Postal Service Industry in 2020
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  • Category: Industrial
Newspapers and the U.S. Postal Service – both shared a huge role in America’s “Golden Age.” Like many things, these two industries face enormous changes in 2020, and will only continue to change in the years to come.    According to the US Postal Service, on any given day, 433 million pieces of mail are delivered....Read More