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made in usa
made in usa
fresh produce labeling

Produce labeling and traceability are a snap with ProTape®! Especially designed for produce bundling, ProTape® gives you the added benefit of bar coding. It is available in standard and custom designs.

All custom designs give you the ability to add your name and/or logo to enhance the quality of your branded item.

Both Standard and Custom ProTape®

  • Sticks only to itself
  • Easily opens and reseals for trimming at the store level
  • Includes a scannable barcode for ease at checkout
  • Is FDA compliant for direct food contact
Product Code Commodity PLU Number Size Color
09018 Bananas 4011 20 mm Red/Yellow
09002 Celery #4070 20 mm White/Navy
09028 Fresh Vegetables 20 mm Red/White
09029 Fresh Vegetables 20 mm Turquoise/White
09011 Fresh Vegetables-English/Japanese 15 mm Purple/White
09003 Green Leaf #4076 20 mm Fuchsia/White
09004U Green Onions - USA #4068 20 mm Red/White/Blue
09252 Green Onions - Mexico #4068 20 mm Red/White/Green
09211MA Mexican Asparagus - Japanese 15 mm Purple/White
09238 Mexican Green Onion - English/French 20 mm Blue/White
09010 Organically Grown 20 mm Fuchsia/White
912101WF Organically Grown 12 mm Yellow/Green
090103EZ Organically Grown - EZ Tear (3" core) 20 mm Fuchsia/White
09211 Peruvian Asparagus - Japanese 15 mm Purple/White
09212 Plain 15 mm Red
09215 Plain 20 mm Purple
09218 Plain 20 mm Red
09006 Red Leaf #4075 20 mm Turquoise/White
09007 Romaine #4640 20 mm Navy/White
0924TR Translucent 20 mm Clear
0924TL Translucent 30 mm Clear


Synthetic rubber is a complex chemical compound that is created by refining oil, coal or other hydrocarbons into naphtha. The naphtha, a flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixture, is then combined with natural gas to produce monomers. Synthetic rubber (Polyisoprene) is petroleum-based and lends itself to brighter colors and better adhesion of ink for printed bands . Synthetic rubber is also classified as “non-latex” making it a solution for the 3-5% of the world population who are affected by latex allergy reactions.

rubber band sizes

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MODULUS: Ratio of stress to strain. Also expressed as the tensile strength at a given percentage of elongation.

ELONGATION: The extension or “stretch” of a rubber band.

BREAK STRENGTH: Whether a band can withstand normal strain.

MEMORY: The ability of a rubber band to return to its original shape after being stretched.

LONGEVITY: This term is used to describe the length of time a rubber band can be used over a period of time without breaking.

COUNT PER POUND (CPP): The number of bands in a pound.