Rubber Grafting Strips

rubber grafting strips

These Rubber Grafting Strips (sometimes referred to as “budding strips”) are the preferred choice of horticulturists. They provide a high rate of success on a wide variety of existing techniques, over a wide variety of plants.

The highly elastic nature of Rubber Grafting Strips provides a tight grip on the graft areas where they are wound. As the plant grows, the strips expand thereby eliminating the chances of ‘necking-in’ into the stem (as seen with thermoplastic grafting strips). They can be stretched to many times their original length which means that less material is required per graft.

  • Made of natural rubber compounds
  • Air-permeable allowing the bud to breathe
  • Provides even pressure over the entire bound area
  • Biodegradable
  • Environmentally-friendly


rubber grafting strips

For Organic
rubber budding strips

For Orchards, Nurseries, & Vineyards
rubber budding strips

For Roses, Young Trees, and Stone Fruits
Rubber Grafting Strips are more suitable for large grafts and supply more even pressure across the entire grafted area than grafting tape. These budding strips do not break down as quickly as film and are environmentally-friendly and biodegradable. These easy-to-use Rubber Budding Strips promote healthy buds. Simply place the prepared bud against the stalk and wrap the budding strip tightly around to hold it in place. Within 2-3 weeks, the strips deteriorate and reveal a newly rooted bud. Rubber Strips are made from a premium natural rubber-based compound with excellent stretch and memory. They are the grower’s choice for grafting and are often used for roses, young trees, and stone fruits. You can trust these high-quality bands to help you succeed with your budding and grafting project.


4″ 3/16″ 0.016″ 11,025 1.65 lb. Bag 6 Bags
5″ 3/16″ 0.016″ 8,820 1.65 lb. Bag 6 Bags
6″ 3/16″ 0.020″ 5,513 1.65 lb. Bag 6 Bags
5″ 1/4″ 0.016″ 6,615 1.65 lb. Bag 6 Bags
6″ 1/4″ 0.020″ 4,410 1.65 lb. Bag 6 Bags
6″ 3/8″ 0.016″ 3,749 1.65 lb. Bag 6 Bags
6″ 3/8″ 0.020″ 2,867 1.65 lb. Bag 6 Bags
8″ 3/8″ 0.020″ 2,205 1.65 lb. Bag 6 Bags
8″ 2/5″ 0.015″ 2,646 1.65 lb. Bag 6 Bags

*Approximate Pieces Per Pound


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