Resistor Strip™

Custom Full Body Workout

Alliance Rubber Resistor Strips are a simple, portable product that allows you to get a custom workout anywhere. Non-latex resistance bands use the resistance from a large high-quality rubber band and your own body weight to help you improve your strength, flexibility and body tone. These workout bands are a great option for busy people wanting a workout at home or on the go. These non-latex exercise bands can be used as yoga bands or for physical therapy exercises. Compact and easily portable, bring them along while traveling, use them at home for a quick and effective workout or take them to the gym with you to avoid waiting for shared equipment.

  • 2 Pack
  • 3.5' long x 3" wide
  • Non-latex
  • Made in USA using globally sourced materials

Strengthen, Tone and Stretch

Increase Flexibility and Mobility
These non-latex resistance bands can be used as physical therapy bands for a gentle tool to help you rehabilitate after injury or surgery. They can also be used in yoga to increase your flexibility.​

Compact and Portable
Resistance bands are compact and easily portable. They can be folded and packed away in luggage or a bag and don't take up room like other home gym equipment.

Build Strength and Tone
These strength training bands are great for everyone from pro sports athletes to people looking to fit in a quick workout at home, in a hotel or at the gym.

Alliance Rubber Company is a family-owned business with humble beginnings that has grown into a thriving American success story. Since 1923, Alliance Rubber has proudly produced rubber bands for use in the home and workplace. Continuing to manufacture its products in the USA, enables Alliance to provide high quality products, fast service and fresh stock that is built to last. Alliance Rubber, a women owned company, manufactures bands that ‘Hold Your World Together’.​​

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