Fishing Supply

Alliance rubber bands are a fisherman’s best friend and are always kept handy (usually on the wrist) of experienced anglers.

  • Attach a fishing line to the outriggers, providing a stretch for the bite and knockdown
  • Attach to a tag line, rather than release clips, so that the rubber band will break free once a fish bites
  • Hold a double hook in place while fishing with a lure, allowing the band to break free when a fish bites down
  • Store rigged lures keeping leaders nice and neat
  • Hold rigger lines in place when running, keeping halyards from flapping all over the deck
  • Stow the flying gaff by holding the rope in place and allowing the rope to easily break free from the gaff pole when the gaff is placed in the fish
  • Keep your release flag in place on the outrigger line as you head home from a fruitful fishing day
  • Prep a tag stick by slipping the tag underneath a rubber band wrapped on the end of the tag pole